There were 83 lectures and 34 posters at SOUSCC 42, and many were of exceptional quality! Of course, there are a limited number of awards for each division, and the decisions were very difficult due to the generally high quality of the oral and poster presentations.

Congratulations to all winners, and to all participants as well.

Oral presentations


1. Joseph Turnbull, University of Western Ontario
2. Filipe De Souza, University of Western Ontario
3. Scott Truman, University of Western Ontario


1. Corey Lefevbre, Laurentian University
2. Jennifer Brown, Trent University
3. Sera Sayegh, University of Windsor


1.Brittany Lewis, University of Western Ontario
2. Majeda Al Hareri, Brock University
3. Aaron Brideau, Royal Military College


1. Sharon Michalak, University of Western Ontario
2. Rebecca Yardley, Wilfred Laurier University
3. Sonia Zaichuk, University of Toronto


1. Falana Sheriff, University of Western Ontario
2. Gillian Hawes, University of Waterloo
3. Arthur Situm, Wilfred Laurier University


1. Vanessa Beland, University of Western Ontario
2. Anastasiya Muntyanu, University of Toronto
3. Holly Bilton, Wilfred Laurier University

Poster Presentations

Alexandra Morrissey, University of Toronto
Cassandra Phillips, University of Toronto
Roy Posaratnanathan, University of Toronto
Jayne Kelso, Wilfred Laurier University
Mike Lecours, University of Waterloo